About Us

Forterra Capital Partners, LLC and its affiliate Forterra Management, LLC are led by Dan Markee and Heather Schwarz. Since 1995, these companies have provided debt and equity to ventures in partnership with developer/sponsors throughout the U.S. as well as direct investment in turnaround properties and real estate related operating businesses both private and public. Forterra investments have encompassed nearly every asset type, geography and structure. For more than two decades, Forterra has provided commercial real estate expertise in projects for its investors and partners in the following areas:

  • Debt and Equity Placement
  • Joint Venture Structuring
  • Active Asset Management
  • Land Assemblage and Entitlement
  • Distressed Real Estate and Debt Acquisition & Management
  • Workouts of Distressed Real Estate, Entities & Operating Companies

Our value proposition is to provide professionally managed investments in U.S. commercial real estate to high-net-worth investors and family offices in partnership with seasoned, sophisticated project sponsors, developers and special expertise partners. Sponsor/Partners receive access to private equity in a supportive working environment without the heavy-handed institutional approach pervasive with large private equity funds. The result is relationship driven, repeat business with quality partners.

Investment of third party capital in real estate assets is an exercise in actively managing risk. Success relies on creating and maintaining, over time, professionalism and consistency in the delivery of investment offerings and support to investors, followed by reinforcing communication of project status. Our success is derived through professional rigor in the selection, underwriting, structuring and active asset management of each investment while providing regulatory/securities compliance, accuracy and thoroughness of disclosures, and timely communication to investors.

The difference between success and underperformance in equity real estate is anticipatory, proactive decision making throughout the life of the investment. On behalf of its investors, Forterra selects sponsors that are open to interactive, collaborative decision making supported by documentation of strongly negotiated rights.